Plump Princess Weight Gain

Plump Princess Weight Gain

Well as I’m sure all of you know, I’ve gained a lot of weight since highschool. I actually found a few more pics I can add to the “skinny pics” section, too – so look out for those!

Although…I was never really “skinny” in highschool. I was about a size 12 on top, and 16 on bottom at my smallest. Which is still plus size (on bottom at least, although my arms still tended to be on the chubby side).

That was at about…oh, grade 11/12 when I was that thin. I had been bigger at the beginning of highschool…grade 9/10, but with a busy schedule, I ended up not eating as much and running around/being active a lot, so I lost a bunch of weight.

But fear not! The wonderful university brough all my weight back! I moved cities to go to school, and lived in a dorm first year. We had mealcards.

Yes…mealcards. Where you could go down to the caf anytime until midnight…and just swipe the card and get all the food you want. And, believe me – the food they had was NOT that healthy – a lot of fries, chicken fingers, burgers, etc…which is what I ended up eating all the time. I loved it! It was so good…so easy…we could also use our mealcards at some of the local restaurants…AND some pizza/sub places would take the mealcards and deliver to your dorm into late hours of the night.

And there was a vending machine like…right outside my door.

I was constantly eating yummy student food – and it was awesome! I loved eating the junk food. Made life good lol. DO you ever get that? When you’re feeling upset or lonely and you eat…something about it that is so comforting. I remember one time I was depressed about something or other…so I went and bought the first season of the L Word on DVD, then got a whole family meal from KFC, and sat and ate the whole thing while watching my DVDS. That cheered me right up! LOL.

BUT! Back to gaining weight (haha no wonder with all the KFC!). I started to notice my clothes getting tighter…my jean skirt started to cling to my butt and thighs a lot more…my tummy started bulging out…I oculdnt fit into a couple of my pants…the zipper was strained when I did them up…part of me thought “damn the university washers and dryers! They totally shrunk my clothes!”. But what I loved was the way my ass looked in the tight clothes…I’d look in the mirror and see my now larger, curvy butt and hips in tight pants, and think…that looks hot! I’d walk to classes feeling like J-Lo.

My shirts were getting tighter, too. They now started to hug and be snug around my arms and chest – which I loved. I loved the way it made my boobs look bigger and how it hugged me up top.

Eventually I did have to buy new clothes…some of the inseams of my pants started tearing…and couldn’t be repaired.

I went from a 12/16 to a 18/24(26).

So finally, you see me at the weight I am now (whatever that is…we’ll soon see!). I’m a girl who has always been conscious of what she wears. I always try to look good, even when I’m at home lounging. I wear flattering clothes to my figure – but trust me, I keep a lot of it relatively tight


~ Courtney

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