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Gaining SSBBW Funnel Feeding Fantasy

Violet's Funnel Feeding Fantasy - Feeder's POV

I’ve had this funnel feeding fantasy and I want you to fulfill it with my new toy – my pink funnel! I want you to be my feeder and pour fattening half and half down my funnel as I watch in excited anticipation for it to reach my lips! It’s so exciting to be completely helpless as the fat comes pouring straight into my growing body. I love surrendering to my feeder, drinking it all down and asking for more.

Big Cutie Margot Big Booty BBW Feedee

Big Cutie Margot Big Booty BBW Feedee

It’s no secret that I love being fed. Big belly rubs and and eating right from my feeder’s hand are some of the things that turn me on the most! Sharing the excitement of weight gain with another person who encourages and supports every new inch makes my chubby little heart soar! So, in this set, I give it to you straight: feed me, and then we’ll talk! I show you exactly how I like, and what I like, being fed in the video.

Think you’re up to my appetite? 😛