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Gaining Goddess Huge Booty Mega Pear Ass SSBBW Feedee

Gaining Goddess Huge Booty Mega Pear Ass SSBBW Feedee

Once weighing a mere 160 pounds, Gaining Goddess the foxy feedee plumper has gained over 250lbs since her debut on the web, and now as a SSBBW, this tall 5’11”, 450 plus pound Canadian beauty exudes sensuality as she boasts every inch of her growing curves and fat body with confidence. Watch GainingGoddess shake her huge booty and jiggly belly on the weight gain journey of a true BBW feedee.

So what else is there to know about Goddess Nicki, aside from being a big butt BBW with a gigantic ass and a love for food and fat? Well, my real name is Nicole Bianca and I am a pear shaped SSBBW who is in love with spaghetti, quesadillas, cheesecake, creme brulee and my bed. I enjoy photography, modelling, swimming, dancing, graphic design, wild sex and a good spanking! For more about me and my mega pear ass, check back for up to date personal info, weight in and measurement updates.

Plump Princess Courtney Pre Holiday Weigh In

Plump Princess Courtney Pre Holiday Weigh In

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when all the calories go down to your rear!

Since the holidays is the perfect time for eating, drinking, and indulging in delicious, heavy holiday food, I thought I would weigh myself before the holidays to see what I weigh going in…and then weigh myself once again afterwards, to see just how much I’ve grown *out*…

KISS and Happy Holidays darlings!

Ms. Fat Booty – Help I’m a Fatty and I Can’t Get Up and Tight Fit

Ms. Fat Booty - Help! I'm a Fatty and I Can't Get Up! & Tight Fit

The fatter I become, the harder some things get. Take getting up, for example. If I’m sitting in a chair that’s low to the ground (or the floor even), getting up is almost impossible. I usually just ask for help (if there’s a kindly FA around), but when I’m alone it’s a struggle. Wanna watch me struggle?

I bought these leggings and this tank top super recently and I’m already bursting out of them. It’s not fair that the smaller fats get to wear cute things when meanwhile I can’t find anything to contain my girth! I guess I could always lose weight, but come on. That’s not happening anytime soon.

Ms. Fat Booty