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Gaining SSBBW Belly Busting Babe Remy

Gaining SSBBW Belly Busting Babe Remy

Hey All! I am thrilled to be showing off my fat belly for you all. I used to model and have had a tough time because my breasts are so big. The fatter I get the bigger the “girls” get.

Part of my weight gain is because I absolutely love to eat. In fact, I sometimes get turned on by stuffing my face. I hope to show you just how my I enjoy eating and expanding my growing belly. Being a fun, bubbly girl, I also really enjoy partying and that involves drinking. I definitely will be drinking for you and who knows, maybe with you.

I love to have fun. I love to swim! Nothing brings me more satisfaction than going to a pool in my bikini and seeing all the looks I get at my fat bouncing around. Trying to shove my fat tummy in anything is a challenge. I am the definition of a gaining SSBBW floatation device.

Getting custom bras and corsets are a part of my everyday struggle as a buxom beauty. I have ripped many of my clothes that are too tight with my big belly. I definitely look forward to showing you the ways I get through the days being a fat, belly busting, babe!