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BBW Feedee Belly Stuffing and Getting Fat

BBW Feedee Belly Stuffing and Getting Fat

Hi! My name is Lyla, and I have recently become a BBW, and I absolutely love it! I love feeling my body grow and watching all the results as I become even BIGGER. I feel so much more confident now and love your support! I would describe myself as cheerful, happy, confident, cute, sexy, silly, and just the right girl for your tastes! 😉

If you guys haven’t been able to tell already… I love to eat, and I love to overstuff myself to the extreme. It is how I have gotten as fat, huge, and flabby as I am today. So I decided to get myself a MEGA breakfast burrito and devour it in a video showing off my most recent weight gain (which you can definitely tell I’ve packed on some more rolls and pounds). I may get slightly turned on too as the food is devoured and makes its way into my huge belly… I just can’t help it and I don’t know if I can ever stop stuffing myself or gaining. I feel so naughty!

Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)