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Pear Shaped SSBBW KitKat Big Legs Thick Thighs

Pear Shaped SSBBW KitKat Big Legs Thick Thighs

I live on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border. I am a 43 year old spunky SSBBW pear with a lot of energy, and loads of fun to hang around with.

I’m no skinny chick that’s for sure. I tip the scales at nearly 400lbs. My measurements are 5ft 5 inches, with a busty measurement of a full 48″, a waist of 44″, with some 38 inch juicy thick thighs, and some thick butt kicking hips of…??? I’ll let you do the guessing.

I like bending over the pool table showing off my big booty or dancing to music I can shake my big legs to. I love to cook, and of course you can tell by my big belly I love to sample my own cooking. Never trust a skinny cook! My favorite foods are fish, chicken, Italian & Greek food, chocolate… Especially Kit Kat bars! Heh, just about anything!

Oh, and we must not forget showing off my thick curves on the dance floor and shaking my massive ass at the BBW events around the New England Area! That’s my all time favorite thing to do.

I love showing off my pear shaped SSBBW thickness for the camera, and hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoy posing for it. So please sit back and enjoy the view of pure thickness and big curves!