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Huge Double Belly Fat Ass SSBBW

Huge Double Belly Fat Ass SSBBW

I’ve used these cut-offs before but not since I’ve been a big fat ass. I tied up one of my favorite tanks to show off my huge double belly and the wonderful overflow from these shorts…as a growing SSBBW the video with this shows the struggle that I have with these little bottoms now!

<3 Jae P.S. The member’s only blog is updated with how I crushed my canoe rental – whoops!!

BigCutie Jae is Burpin’ in Blue

BigCutie Jae is Burpin' in Blue

For me, burping is a sure sign of being super stuffed and full…
but it’s also fun to fill up on fizzy, bubbly blueberry pop!
I had so much fun downing this delicious drink and letting out some massive belches as I relaxed
and rubbed my double belly. Hehe!

<3 Jae