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Gaining BBW Feedee Weight Gain

Gaining BBW Feedee Weight Gain

My name is Candi, I recently turned 18 and I’m so excited to now be a BBW feedee. I am actively gaining and I’ve recently moved, so now it will be easier for me to eat all the things I love. I absolutely love my belly, boobs, and my big curves as a whole. This partly thanks to you – my fans! Since I started gaining I’ve gotten so much amazing love and support and it makes me happier to gain weight and fill out even more.

I am originally from Dallas, Texas, but I have moved a couple of times. I grew up in a community where being thin was beautiful, so growing up I always struggled with my weight. I hardly ever ate the foods that I loved to eat, and was constantly trying to lose weight. It wasn’t at all what makes me happy.

Then I met my boyfriend and he told me he liked big girls, I decided to eat the things I loved and craved to see how I’d enjoy the extra weight and gaining. I was hooked and soon realized how much happier I was! My belly was thrilled as I filled it with all the yummy foods I had been denying it. Plus it was exciting to share the results online and find that others loved my growing body as much as I did.

So if you’ve seen me online before then it’s no surprise that I love to gain, I love to eat and I love to show off my body to all of you. If you haven’t, I’m sure we will catch up quickly as I plan to share my love of my big fat tummy, my soft belly, my thick thighs, my big butt, my squishy arms, and growing my body pound by pound. I hope you all enjoy all these things about me too and that you’ll join me on my gaining journey.