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BBW BigCutie Britt Sexy Weight Gain

SSBBW BigCutie Britt Sexy Weight Gain

I’m Britt, I’m 20, I’m fat, and I’m confident! I used to be self-conscious throughout my life of my body and struggled with weight issues up until the past year when my thoughts and feelings on my fat body changed. And now I’ve done a complete turn-around on how I feel about my fat tummy – I love all 322lbs of it and how much weight I’ve gained! I love my big curves and growing belly, and how my huge boobs (44G to be exact) make me stand out! I’ve grown into a very confident BBW and wouldn’t change who I am at all!

I’m from the east coast – New England to be exact. I love meeting new people, eating, icecream (and sweets in general, mmm!), laughing, taking pictures, having pictures taken of me (hehe), scrapbooking, shaking my big butt in my undies, clapping my fat thighs, making people laugh, and living my life. I’m very outgoing and try to look on the positive sides of situations.

I like to have fun and take risks which you can hopefully tell from my picture sets on here! I love spontaneity, like getting naked at the beach and snapping a few shots 😉 Nothing more thrills me than to do something completely out of the blue, or of course, being naked!