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SSBBW Big Cutie Ash: My Weigh! New, shocking weigh-in!

SSBBW Big Cutie Ash: My Weigh! New, shocking weigh-in!

To be very honest, I wasn’t expecting to see much result from the scale this time. Gaining is so much work once you get to my (huge) size, and it wasn’t so long ago that I weighed. I was hoping for a pound or two. But I did much better than that, and 600 is VERY close! Come see for yourself! This update and about 200 pounds of progress and photos over 160 sets are available only on my site!

Huge Ass Big Belly SSBBW Feedee in a Tiny Mesh Dress

Huge Big Belly SSBBW Feedee Ash in a Tiny Mesh Dress

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m fatter than ever, and I’m more of an exhibitionist than ever, too! I just can’t stop showing off, and I think you’ll agree that I’ve got a lot to show these days. In this set I’m in my finest stripper-wear and those cutouts really highlight my massive belly and growing hips and big SSBBW legs. Oh, and don’t miss the video for this one. I had a little bit of an accident while I was shooting, and I kiiiinda broke an end table. With my huge ass. Oops.

BigCutie Ash Fat and Lazy SSBBW Feedee

Hi there! I’m a fun, dorky fat girl who loves spending time in front of the camera. In fact, I’ve been modeling for over five years now! You’ll notice, though, that I have definitely grown since I started. I used to be a little chubbo with a cute double belly, but now I’m huge, and my huge belly is massive, and I’ve grown these amazing fat thighs! Don’t you think I look amazing with all of this new squishy softness? Be sure to take a look at my early sets compared to my current photos – the weight gain is undeniable.

In my spare time (and, let’s face it, I have a lot of that) I love marathoning TV shows on Netflix (while snacking of course), spending a lot of useless time on the Internet, playing with dogs, learning the ukulele, buying and wearing clothes that are way too small to fit my fat body, and stomping through sites like Godzilla. Ok, that last part was a little bitof an exaggeration, but I do love using my fat body to crush things and get stuck in tiny places.

My biggest passion, though, is food, and I’m a great cook! I love to make huge, rich, filling meals and spend hours eating and stuffing my way through them. I’m equally impressed with yummy restaurants and delicious takeout, but if you can cook for me I’ll probably be yours forever. Or I’ll at least come over and empty your fridge for you. I didn’t get this fat on accident! 😉